Power flushing

Why Power-flush?

Dirt, debris, silt and sludge can seriously affect the efficiency and reliability of central heating systems. Power-flushing is process which cleans out the heating system.

Where does the sludge come from?

Sometimes due to incorrect design or fittings used, a heating system begins to generate sludge. This sludge is known as magnetite sludge is made from iron and steel in the system (mostly radiators). As this sludge builds up it causes more chemical reactions in the system which causes more sludge to develop by corroding the radiators and boiler.

How does power-flushing work?

Power-flushing is a process which uses mechanically forced water and chemicals to circulate the system at a high speed, which dislodges the sludge. We use a top of the range filtration system attached to our commercial sized power-flushing equipment. The filter catches the magnetite sludge so we can easily remove it from the heating system without having to flush away the water and chemicals.

Can power-flushing damage my system?

Sometimes when a central heating system is seriously corroded, power-flushing may loosen off already damaged materials. The most commonly affected component is very old radiators. After carrying out thousands of power-flushes over the years, our team has only encountered this a handful of times, so the chances of this happening is low.

How long does a power-flush take?

Power-flushing is not a quick process and takes a full day to carry out.

If my system got sludged up before, will it happen again?

Power-flushing is a process that cleans out a dirty system. It does not rectify the issues that caused it to happen in the first place. Our recommendation is to have the system pressurised where possible and the installation of a good quality central heating filter. Our normal add on rates for these are £100 inc VAT each, this price if for the work to be done on the same day as the power-flush.

Should I have a central heating filter installed on my system?

We always recommend that a good quality central heating filter is fitted on new or existing systems. The filter that we recommend is the Adey Magnaclean pro2. A filter will prevent build up of sludge by catching it in the filter before it has a chance to spread around the system and cause more corrosion.

Take a look at Adey's brouchure on the Magnaclean Professional 2.



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