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Installing a new boiler

In normal circumstances when you plan to install a new boiler or replace an existing one, due to government legislation, you will need a condensing boiler to meet the standards for energy efficiency. Similar standards apply to oil-fired boilers.

What is a condensing boiler?

Condensing boilers are more efficient than ordinary boilers and so produce less carbon dioxide, while still meeting heating requirements. They reduce the amount of heat that escapes up the flue, compared with ordinary boilers. Condensing boilers convert 86 per cent or more of the fuel they use into useful heat and many carry the Energy Efficiency Recommended logo. Older types of boilers may convert as little as 60 per cent of the fuel to useful heat.

If I need a new boiler, what should I do?

Choose a qualified central-heating installer who understands the new standards and who can advise you on the type of boiler you should have fitted.

For gas-fired boilers, the installers must be Gas Safe registered as a safety requirement.

Check that your installer has recent up-to-date qualifications.

The following organisations can confirm this;

Gas Safe:

Central Plumbing & Heating are Gas Safe and can assist with all boiler installations.

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After the installation

✔If your boiler is installed by a registered installer, you will get a building regulations compliance certificate after the work has been completed.

✔You may need these certificates if you sell your property, so be sure to keep these in a safe place.

✔If the property is to be rented then the installer should provide a gas safety certificate.


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